Quick Answer: How Do I Get Rare Imports On CSR2?

What does a wildcard do in CSR2?

When you collect tokens you donate them to a wildcard in the crew hangout, after the wildcard is full the crew leader/ admin chooses a time to activate it so that crew members can get an extra RP boost while racing during that time..

Are Boss cars good CSR2?

A boss car in CSR2 is great because it’s already upgraded with Stage 6 items that can put additional fusion parts and the only way to get such a rare car without pulling a lot of crates in rare imports.

What happens if I strip a car in CSR2?

A: Stripping is where you strip your cars in order to get fusion parts for that particular manufacture or If that car is above Tier 1, you the chance of getting an Stage 6 part for that particular car. … If you strip a Tier 1 car, you will only get fusions and T1 cars don’t have S6 parts for it.

Can you strip Legends Cars CSR2?

Legends cars can be stripped once they have been fully restored.

Can you customize cars in CSR2?

“A huge appeal of CSR2 is that you can collect and race the cars of your dreams. With this feature, you can now customise your rides to showcase your racer identity,” said Julian Widdows, Vice President of CSR2.

How long is a season in CSR2?

2 weeksFarming RP Schedule. So, each season lasts 2 weeks and always starts on a Thursday – you can get an exact schedule here. The below plan focus on the trials and cups that start on each day – if you have time and fuel left on any day you can easily jump into Live Races with a T5 car to farm additional RP.

What is the fastest car on CSR Racing 2?

Ferrari LaferrariFerrari Laferrari which is the fastest car in CSR Racing 2 with a +2004 tune.

What car can beat SHAX in CSR2?

Ferrari F12Cheapest Ferrari F12 tune to beat Shax in CSR2!

How many levels are in CSR2?

5 tiersThere are 5 tiers in CSR Racing 2 and at each tier, there is a better car than the others.

What are the best cars in CSR2?

Tier 2 Cars Best Times & TunesCarStarsBest TimeVW Golf GTI Rocket Bunny38.869Finn’s Exige 360 Cup 💀P38.951Honda Civic Type R39.004Lotus Exige LF129.01624 more rows

What makes a car elite in CSR2?

Players will be able to make their car collection their very own style thanks to exclusive custom paints, liveries and interior options, license plate mods and wheel upgrades. … “Elite Customs takes the performance of your cars to never-before-seen levels with additional fusion slots and better-fitted parts.”

How do you donate your crew in CSR2?

To donate your token, simply go to the crew submenu and there you will see the “Wildcard” tab where you can add them to a certain wildcard.

What is the best starter car in CSR2?

What is the best starter car in CSR2?Toyota 86.VW Golf GTI.Ford Mustang Mach 1.Dodge Dart Mopar.

How do you get a legendary in CSR2?

Legendary status is awarded to players who are a part of a crew that’s performing outstandingly in the current season’s Crew Championship. The status is awarded depending on how your crew’s RP is to the Crew at the top of the leaderboard.

How do you get Rp in CSR2?

Respect Points – how to earn a lot of RPWhat are Respect Points in CSR2 and what do you need them for. Respect Points is the score that indicates how well you perform in races and how consistently you play CSR2. … Tip 1: Get the Prestige Cup car every season. … Tip 2: Follow the CSR2 Season Schedule. … Tip 3: Drive Live Races for Respect Points.Dec 29, 2019

What’s the fastest tier 1 car in CSR2?

Tier 1. The Golf GTI MK1 is a clear winner in this category, especially as it also has a 6% RP bonus and eight fusion slots. However, it must be won in the Rare Imports lot, which means it’s a lot harder to come by. The Veloster Turbo R Spec is a good second choice, but can only be purchased with (150) Gold.