Quick Answer: Can You Sell Your Car In Csr2?

How many cars can you own in csr2?

6 carsYou can fit 6 cars in a garage.

Once you fill your garage, new cars will be placed in a separate garage which can be accessed by tapping the button with 9 squares on the right-hand side of the screen..

How much does it cost to fully upgrade a car in csr2?

The total price till stage 5 upgrades per Tier: Tier 1: $202,460 / 827 GC. Tier 2: $507,300 / 1,840 GC. Tier 3: $1,500,000 / GC.

How do you upgrade to level 6 in csr2?

They can be obtained from Donna in Rare Imports, by winning some events, and from stripping cars. You can see the stage 6 parts you own in your garage by tapping the info “(i)” button on the right, then tapping inventory, then selecting the “stage 6 upgrades” tab.

What is the best T5 car to buy in CSR2?

Best T5 Cars The F12 Berlinetta can get an 8,794s final time on the track for the half mile and I recommend you to use a Nitro 398/5.6, F-Drive 2.51 and Tires 21/79 tuning setup with it.

Can you sell components in csr2?

Can I sell components? Components cannot be sold in any way.

What does Legendary mean in csr2?

Why are some players marked as “Legendary” in the Live Race lobby? Legendary status is awarded to players who are a part of a crew that’s performing outstandingly in the current season’s Crew Championship. The status is awarded depending on how your crew’s RP is to the Crew at the top of the leaderboard.

What happens if I strip a car in csr2?

A: Stripping is where you strip your cars in order to get fusion parts for that particular manufacture or If that car is above Tier 1, you the chance of getting an Stage 6 part for that particular car. … If you strip a Tier 1 car, you will only get fusions and T1 cars don’t have S6 parts for it.

Can I strip a Legends car in csr2?

Legends cars can be stripped once they have been fully restored.

What car can beat SHAX in CSR2?

Ferrari F12Cheapest Ferrari F12 tune to beat Shax in CSR2!

Is CSR2 pay to win?

It’s a pay to win game You will see less and less cars that you can buy with cash. Most of the loot boxes are rare, and gold only comes if you level up or if you complete most of the challenges. … Some cars can only be bought by money, surprisingly.