Question: What Does Pp Mean In CSR2?

What does pp mean in cars?

Performance PointsEvery car is a different weight, and boasts different levels of engine power.

As a result, every car in Gran Turismo 6 has been given a PP (Performance Points) figure, which indicates its performance level..

What car can beat SHAX in CSR2?

Ferrari F12Cheapest Ferrari F12 tune to beat Shax in CSR2!

Are Boss cars good CSR2?

A boss car in CSR2 is great because it’s already upgraded with Stage 6 items that can put additional fusion parts and the only way to get such a rare car without pulling a lot of crates in rare imports.

What cars to use for legends never die CSR2?

CSR2 Boss recommends using: Mustang Boss 302, Aston Martin DB5, Mercedes 300SL, Chevrolet Corvette C3.

What is the best tune for csr2?

Tier 1 Cars Best Times & TunesCarStarsTune & ShiftHonda Civic 1.5 VTEC2Nitro: 205/4.3 | FD: 4.8 | Tires: 55/45VW Golf GTI1Nitro: 205/3.9 | FD: 3.15 | Tires: 21/79Ford Fiesta ST1Nitro: 204/3.9 | FD: 3.05 | Tires: 20/80Angel’s Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC ????P3Nitro: 235/3.3 | FD: 3.77 | Tires: 55/4511 more rows

What do the numbers mean in csr2?

What do the numbers at the top of my screen, under my car’s name mean? These numbers indicate the performance of your current car, with higher numbers meaning better performance. … T1 means you’re driving a tier 1 car, all the way up to T5 for Tier 5. Following this, you’ll see some white numbers.

How do you lower your wheelspin in csr2?

You can help avoid wheelspin when you start or shift by either shifting a bit earlier or launching at a slightly lower RPM. Look to increase the performance of your car by tuning it.

What is the best Tier 1 car in csr2?

Tier 1. The Golf GTI MK1 is a clear winner in this category, especially as it also has a 6% RP bonus and eight fusion slots. However, it must be won in the Rare Imports lot, which means it’s a lot harder to come by. The Veloster Turbo R Spec is a good second choice, but can only be purchased with (150) Gold.

Can you sell components in csr2?

Can I sell components? Components cannot be sold in any way.

What’s the fastest car on csr2?

Ferrari LaferrariFerrari Laferrari which is the fastest car in CSR Racing 2 with a +2004 tune.

How many garages can you have in csr2?

4 garagesIn Saints Row 2, there are 4 garages for different vehicle types. While Large vehicles can be stored in the garage, they cannot be retrieved via Rim Jobs, and can only be modified at Semi Broken, which shows the full land vehicle garage available at all cribs.

How do you get a rare import car in csr2?

The word ‘rare’ is right in the name, so you know you’re in the right place. You can access Rare Imports by tapping the key icon, second from the left on the game’s bottom navigation menu.

What is the PP in csr2?

PP is a measure of your car’s performance. It takes into account the base performance of your car, plus the impact of any stage 1 to 6 upgrades you have fitted. Remember though, that tuning your car and adding Fusion Parts to your upgrades will increase your car’s Evo points, not its PP.